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Shamanic Drum and Humming Meditation

New for the New Year. Every other Monday from early January.

You asked and we listened x

Join Sean as we listen to his words, a gentle hum and the beat of his drum, as together we hear, and experience, the beating of Mother Earth's heart.

It is believed that the sound of the drum was the first sound ever heard—the first heartbeat of Mother Earth.

And whilst we connect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth, we will awaken the spirits within the drum. The spirits are asleep until it is hit, and when it is hit, the spirits are awakened. And when they are awake, and we are ready, we will ask for their attention, giving us the opportunity to communicate with them, should you like to.

Our first session will prove to be a very different and effective meditation. Along with our Shamanic drums we will listen to his gentle humming. When we hum, or connect with humming, we activate the parasympathetic nervous system triggering a deep relaxation response, helping reduce unproductive thinking and negativity and reducing fear and worry.

Investment £10 Booking is essential as numbers are limited.

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