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Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage, as the name indicates, originated from India and is a beautifully traditional practice that is now immensely popular amongst Western cultures. This is due to its simplicity and portability, that allows it to be utilised anywhere and everywhere, making relaxation and holistic wellness more accessible for everyone. 

For our wonderfully relaxing 30 minute Indian Head Massage we will select the right oil for you based on your requirements, adding in specially blended essential oils, not only do these smell amazing, but they also bring amazing therapeutic benefits. Your upper back, shoulders, arms and neck will be massaged, focusing on the pressure points alongside the body, you will then receive a beautiful head massage before finishing with a facial massage. This treatment is wonderfully relaxing, benefits the whole body, is amazing for head, neck and shoulder tension, migraines, injuries, hair growth, sinus issues and relaxation plus lots more.


You will leave our wonderful space with alleviated stress and tension, beautifully relaxed, and an improved mental wellbeing. The treatment provides a deep sense of relaxation, improving mental wellbeing.

Head Massage

What can Indian Head Massage help with?

Since an Indian head massage promotes deep relaxation and calms the mind, it’s not surprising that it can help to relieve insomnia. You can expect this type of massage to have a positive effect on your sleep cycle, promoting better quality sleep and helping you feel more alert and refreshed in the morning. Julie, Sean or Kim will be happy to explain how our Indian head massage can help you achieve a deeper, more satisfying sleep.

Head Massage
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