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Traditional Shamanic Healing

Join Sean for a deeply spiritual healing session. Sean is currently in training with Jay and Kestrel Oakwood from The Bridget Healing Centre in Glastonbury. Jay and Kestrel are amongst other things Worldwide trained Shamanic healers who have trained hundreds of Shamanic practitioners including Russell Brand and Nicholas Cage. We heal with traditional Shamanic practices handed down through generations.

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What can Shamanic Healing help with!

Shamanic practitioners call on helping spirits in those other realities to heal people here by restoring their spiritual power. That power comes from a "whole" soul and the protection of compassionate spirits and power animals, which create a spiritual force field around us. Using extraction and repair techniques Sean, working with his power animal, Robin, will guide you through a healing session like no other you may have experienced.

How will I feel?

Restored and renewed. Each session, due to individual requirements, are different and the way you feel may not be as a previous recipient. You may feel lighter, like carrying less a burden, you may feel tired initially, but then rejuvenated. You will feel confused as it can be difficult to initially get to grips with the healing journey you have been on. It quite simply is a magically healing process that will leave you helped.

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