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The Reiki Room

Here at the Reiki Room our aim and mission is to promote healing , wellbeing and relaxation which will hopefully strengthen the immune system.

At the Reiki Room we hold a safe space for you whether you are looking to relax or invest in some lovely Reiki healing.


All products used at the Reiki room are either handmade in house or are carefully selected cruelty free vegan brands that only use the most natural ingredients, such as Neals Yard or Faith in Nature oils and lotions.

Reiki Treatment

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the art of using the energy of the universe based on five principles that Mikao Usui passed on to his successors.

Reiki can help with achieving harmony as it works with physical and emotional issues as well as
working on a spiritual level. According to Eastern medicine when these are in harmony it can keep
us in good health.


What will I experience?

The experience will feel very relaxing and nurturing , some clients experience warm and tingling sensations, some liken it to being wrapped in a huge hug but there is no right or wrong way to experience this wonderful energy healing

What Does A Reiki Treatment Look Like?

The person undergoing the treatment is fully clothed and usually lying down under blankets.
The whole procedure consists in transferring energy by placing their hands on different parts of the body. It is not unusual for crystals to also be used to enhance this process.

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