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Frazzled Me

The Frazzled me package is a longer 90-minute package of pure bliss.

Settle into the beautiful Reiki Room space with a herbal tea and a revealing 4 card oracle reading.


Followed by Chocolate face mask and foot soak with handcrafted sugar scrub for those tired and achy feet before you are totally indulged with a beautifully relaxing Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Reiki Energy Healing

A girl relaxing on a couch

How will I feel?

All of our sessions are designed to provide the ultimate holistic therapy. From a general feeling of relaxation to a sense of “lightness” or tingling in the body, as well as feelings of warmth, a sense of “opening,” or “energy moving” from the practitioner’s pressure to the specific body area or organ. Leaving feeling lighter and rejuvenated. And then float away with a beautiful crystal gift as a lasting memento of your day.

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