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The way of The Willow and The Wolf
      *Upcoming training courses to be announced*


Our belief at Willow and Wolf is that Shamanism is not a place, it is a belief, and that belief can be found in us all, right here in our own hearts, in our own homes, towns and cities. Whilst taking our lead, with the help of traditional teachings, from modern society and experience we have created methods that do not claim to be authentic to indigenous society but are truly authentic to ourselves and those around us. 


So, who are we! We are you, just normal (whatever that means) earth spirits that believed there was a different path to follow, because if we are not here to help and heal each other, what on earth are we here for! Surely not to hurt and deceive each other. 

If you would like more information on our up and coming training course, please reach out to us and plant your seed of intent x 

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What will I learn?

 One of the 5 basic needs of a human is to be loved and have a sense of belonging and I think it is fair to say that in modern society we appear to have lost our connection to nature, to universal spirit, to self, but moreover to each other and this has gone a long way to creating a lonely society where we can often feel that we are on our own. But we are not alone, there are millions of us all looking for the connection that will help us and each other.  

We will walk through our experiences to discover a place in you to connect and belong, whilst helping others along the path also x 

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