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Drum Circle and Shamanic Drum Birthing Ceremony dates!

“What are you drumming into your life in this present moment?”

The Reiki Room have been asked many times to hold a Healing Drum Circle, and hot on the heels of our recent Drum Birthing day, we are now over the moon to announce that we will be hosting a Drumming Event right here in Mow Cop.

So if you would like to join our circle, bang a drum, rattle a rattle, clap your hands, dance or sing we would like to welcome you on Monday March 25th at 8pm. Your own drum or rattle would be ideal but if not we have a number of drums, rattles, rain sticks and other instruments to get you in the swing. Tickets will be strictly limited to 12 to create a beautifully connected circle.

And on Sunday 23rd June we offer another opportunity to birth your very own Shamanic drum.

Our recent birthing proved to be a beautiful and truly spiritual experience. You will create a deep personal relationship with your drum as it becomes aligned to your soul. Your drum will be as individual as yourself, but your heartbeat and that of your drum will become one. The drum is the Great Spirit's favourite instrument. That is why we were given a heartbeat, a heartbeat to share with other heartbeats.

Before our birthing day we will explore the spiritual connection between yourself and your chosen elements of your drum, the tree for the rim and its hide skin. This will be a fully guided experience to ensure you are totally at one with your choices and the properties they bring.

We will work on the day to create and connect the spirit within yourself to your drum and this will be a truly humbling and enlightening experience as you create a beautiful extension of yourself, before we explore the true connection of awakening your drum.

As an ethical sharing community, we are keeping the costs as low as we can to encourage inclusivity for all and our birthing event will be an investment of £275 and places are extremely limited to only 6 souls. To help with the investment we have introduced Klarna on our events page to help spread the cost.

If you prefer not to use Klarna you can pay a £100 deposit to secure your space with the balance due 3 weeks prior to the event

If you have any questions, please contact Sean on 07540 645337 who will be happy to answer them or provide further explanation.

Just click on the photo for more details or to book your space x

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